LATAG Goals & Objectives

Libby Area Technical Assistant Group Mission StatementLibby Area Technical Assistant Group's (LATAG) mission is to ensure that the cleanup of Libby Amphibole contamination is completed in a comprehensive, complete and timely manner, ultimately resulting in the elimination of the asbestos threat to Libby community members.

Libby Area Technical Assistance Group, Inc. (LATAG) members of the Board of Directors are solicited, for nomination to be elected, because of their leadership ability, communicative skills, and because they represent one or more sectors of the community who want to ensure satisfactory EPA Super-fund site remedial action through involvement, participation and over-site.  Duties as a Board Member, among others include willingness to act as liaison between LATAG, the public, and any organization in which they actively participate.

LATAG Focus/Vision:

Make certain that cleanup of Libby Amphibole contamination (Which resulted from W. R. Grace mine and exportation sites.) is comprehensive, complete, and timely resulting in the elimination of the Libby Amphibole threat to human health and environment.


Achieve satisfactory super-fund site emergency response and remedial action through community involvement and participation as provided for in all phases of the EPA National Priority List (NPL) cleanup process.

LATAG Objectives:

Review, interpret, analyze, evaluate, comment, and report on the following phases of the EPA's Super-fund cleanup process:

  1. Emergency Response
  2. Remedial Investigation (RI)
  3. Feasibility Study (FS)
  4. Remedial Design (RD)
  5. Remedial Action (RA)

Identify other cleanup related issues as they arise for review and potential action.

Build a volunteer experienced pool augmenting technical advisory expertise available for use on a temporary need basis.

Keep the community informed of the activities involving the Libby Super-fund site by:

  1. Newsletters keyed to three minimum EPA milestones (RI/FS, ROD, RD/RA).
  2. Placing produced reports/documents in the EPA repository and the Libby Public Library.
  3. LATAG meetings open to the public.
  4. Community Forums as necessary.
  5. Public meetings/seminars as needed.
  6. Information packets.
  7. Local Media releases as necessary.


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