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LATAG Reviews and ReportsOccasionally Libby Area Technical Assistance Group will publish various reports and reviews from LATAG and other agencies. These will be published on this page as they are released.

May 14th, 2013 Community Forum (LRU)

Community Forum (LRU)

Asbestos Resource Program:



Forward Movement - Continuing Community Discussion related to the County

Asbestos Resource Program, Institutional Controls, and Redevelopment

Sponsored by Community Advisory Group (CAG) and Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

Libby Asbestos Superfund Site


Session Summary




  1. 1.In a “moving forward” context, continue discussion about tools related to protecting public health and how they might be part of a future vision and redevelopment for the area.
  • Exchange information among represented community groups working on “what comes next”.
  • Update participants on EPA’s remaining work in the area and generally explore what that might mean for the community and the area.
  • Review and comment on the Lincoln County Asbestos Resource Program.
  1. 2.Consider/put in place tools and structure that will forward community discussion and problem-solving.
  2. 3.Discuss and problem-solve around specific questions from the March 12 Forum.



FORUM ATTENDEES – See list on page 6 of this document





Getting Started

Mike Geisey (CAG) and Mike Noble (LATAG) welcomed people and explained the Forum objectives. Attendees introduced themselves including any representation. The facilitator briefly described CAG’s governance framework (found on the last page of this document) and asked that it be honored in the meeting. She also reviewed the summary of the March Forum.




Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Rebecca Thomas described where EPA is in the project today. She stated the probability that EPA would complete the majority of its remaining work in the area within the next 3 to 4 years. Rebecca reported that work related to understanding toxicity levels continues and completion is expected by next spring or summer. That information will influence final remedy decisions. She reiterated – from the March 12 Forum - that “Institutional Controls” are tools that are used when a toxic substance cannot be totally eradicated from the area, as in Libby, and that for those reasons, some Institutional Controls would be part of the final remedy in Libby.   Rebecca also stated the importance and value of more citizen engagement in the feasibility study that EPA will start soon – and the usefulness of citizen participation in the first step of the process which will probably occur late summer. That step will start to identify a range of clean up options – eventually analyzing/leading to final remedy decisions.


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