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May 11th, 2010

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Regular Board Meeting

Libby Area Technical Assistance Group, Inc.

PO Box 53 • Libby, MT 59923

May 11th, 2010 • Regular Board Meeting Minutes

LATAG Meeting 5/11/10   7:00
all meeting to order 7:00
  • Mike Noble Chairman
  • Leroy Thom Vice Chair
  • JoElyn Brus Treasurer
  • Eileen Carney Secretary
  • Nancy Hogan Ad-Hoc
  • Donna Martin Board Member
  • Phillip Erquiaga Board Member 
  • Richard Sloan DEQ
  • Ted Linnert EPA
  • Mike Cirian EPA
  • Rebecca Thomas EPA
  • Victor Ketellapper EPA
  • Jami Parker 


Mike Cirian
Started Construction middle of April on Libby Hotel. Found vermiculite in plaster Paris; they were one (1) week behind with 25% more work. Clearance on project Mon. 5/10/10 passed test.

Phillip asked why they did work on the Libby Hotel since it was vacant.

Mike Cirian: since they didn’t have to relocate anyone and it was interior they could get the crews started earlier.

Mike Cirian: Started exteriors May 3rd 2010. Hauled 1500 yards in one day, Couple of Commercial Property were done. The Museum, City water line.

Accident at the mine, truck rolled over. The report said there was no horse play, soft shoulder. No injuries. No leaking about 3q. of soil came out of the truck. But the will hydro seed it.

Area 19 is filling up.

Ambient Air 6 new locations 5 went up 5/10/10 I pole had to be moved 100 ft.will start sampling 5/12/10

Locations are:

Fiesta Bonita
Payne’s Machinery
Whiskey Hill

OU1 Water Line: found material last year. They took excavating out of the bid, City decided to train employee. EPA is letting the City use 2 trucks.  EPA designated 1 full time employee.

Article in paper: Barrow Source pit 1 sample came back as positive, clean 18” top soil it was decided no trace material in pit, County offered free soil. They are testing all pits EPA uses.

When putting in Pipe for OU1 Water line if Amphibole is detected at site they will address it at that time. EPA went down 3 feet than sampled and found less than 1% then proceeded to backfill.  They won’t test the excavating until the cap is in place for the ROD. ROD decisions are coming out look at the procedures.

Export  Program                                                                                                                

Document of sufficient Changes

Cap & Containment break exposure pathway will happen next year remedy design start fail

EPA establish toxicity will evaluate remedy no less than 5 years

Export & screening plant

City concerned about 18” of source material it is now 3 FT. unless material is visible

O&M plan environmental resource will be available for future.

OU2 not determined yet

ERS Environmental resource

186-188 responses 45 fast work 3 times more ERS than before

Troy Kick off meeting 100-118 Properties would like all properties done in 1 year

State has got good response

Kathryn doing oversight

Building material EPA

Looking for soil dump, looking at existing facility in Troy

State High Way sampling Hwy 37 – Rainy Creek

Soil sample Hwy2 between Libby & Troy

Asphalt removed on highway 37 will be used as asphalt at the mine site

Site clean up designs for a complete plans were $6000.00, now they are just a sketch and photos,

Survey much cheaper 6 to 10 hours on design side

Used to be tested in previous year worked on in following year ex. Tested in 2009 work preformed in 2010. Now testing done then work preformed in 8 to 10 weeks.

IRFS OU4 Tag looking at documents. Asked Terry to look at them. Not back yet, will do a follow up.

Recreational, workers, home owners ect. Collecting data in 2010 & 2011 would like data from TAG Dr. Dave Berry will come out & talk about how the EPA is doing things

Sampling analysis plan will roll into OU4 Risk assessment … 3 to 6 months talk to TAG for issues.

TMI more accurate than PLM installed space at Troy Lab for this in the future

Evaluating non cancer risk Marysville plant toxicity review at the end of the year

Libby action Plan end of the summer

ATSDR is taking over fro the EPA

Bonnie Public meeting on Mines June/July 2010.. Would like to invite WR Grace

RODS declaration Summary EPA & DEQ position will be open to the public for review and comments

Schedule ride in truck

Close Meeting 8:40


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