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June 8th, 2010

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Regular Board Meeting

Libby Area Technical Assistance Group, Inc.

PO Box 53 • Libby, MT 59923

June 8th, 2010 • Regular Board Meeting Minutes

No Quorum Information meeting only

Note: not Minutes

  • Mike Noble Chairman
  • Leroy Thom Vice Chair
  • JoElyn Brus Treasurer
  • Richard Sloan   DEQ
  • Dick covering for EPA & DEQ

Bigger properties east of town they are looking at taking 30 composite tests, if they come back less than .002 % they will clean up high risk areas then come back and clean up limited use areas after risk assessment. They will only do these, if they have separate accesses so as to not contaminate already cleaned up high risk area.

Question: Do property owners approve of that plan?

Yeah... Better to do pastures in the spring since it is wetter keeping the dust down.

Question: EPA & DEQ both in on it?

Yes, EPA with DEQ backing them.

Dick spends some time every other week examining how things are being excavated especially in regards to keeping dust down. Found that ER was going a good job this year with water trucks & ambient air sampling are at each site.

The ambient air sampling at the 6 sites around town have 2 complete samplings each. (Dick) will get the results via email to LeRoy & JoElyn tomorrow morning 6/9/10.

Property: 2nd St. ext. is the property that inspired to do low risk separately than high risk. They had 2 crews for 3 weeks at that site.

The EPA, DEQ takes 30 samples on a1 acre plot then combines these to do a composite.

Some Troy people are still up in the air with using the Troy dump for commentated soils. If Troy doesn’t want the asbestos material it will go up to the mine.

All interior removed material (asbestos) will go to Lincoln County Landfill.

Question: Is the amphitheater in a flood plane? Dick reported that the DEQ got the report back from the Core of Engineers; it was hard to tell from their report. At 5 year flood most of amphitheater will be under water.  A decision was made to move amphitheater materials to the mine site. At this time EPA has already have moved 24000 yards, at the end of the season nothing should be left at the amphitheater. There was a lot of plastic in the materials witch the crews are removing form the soil.

Question: How many yards over the whole project will be at the mine? Close to ½ million yards that will cover the mine at the end of the project.

OU1: design meet with city 6/9/10. City had architectural design done.

EPA will have the design completed in the next couple months. LATAG will get a copy in draft form.

OU2: there is not a lot of design works. Working with DOT with out compromising roadway.

We are running power to amphitheater to do ambient air sampling, (used to use generators); this project will cost about $10,000 and will also run power to Harold Wise property. High Voltage lines are still there.

Troy should finish Motel this week with its interior work. Then will start houses. Will be coordinated with the grinding of California Ave.

Finished the work plan for OU3 which included the activity base sampling, rainy creek & USFS work. Clearing trails, control burn, and getting ABS info on Forest Fires

Dick reported that small mammals report will be out in the next couple weeks. Have a work order for additional studies. ECO risk studies with creeks & Kootenai River inter change.

OU3 Public meeting 6/22/10 Bonnie Levell.

Reading of Minutes

JoElyn Treasures report

#79 completed will be mailed tomorrow 6/9/10

Reimbursement of $428.00 Balance $52064.86


(1)Grant Administration position:  Mike

(2) Executive board meeting 6/9/10 1:15

(3)Mike will make phone call to Phillip about 1st Quarter

(4)Will ship RODS to Terry Tomorrow. 6/9/10 JoElyn

(5)Need to put in agenda for next meeting 7/13/10 Nancy’s resignation and replacement

(6) O&M meeting Frontier Communication Building 114 East 4th St. 8:00 6/9/10 Mike

(7)Gave Terry 30 days for RODS on OU7, OU4 & OU3 EBoard

(8) The ambient air for the 6 sites will be sent to JoElyn and Le Roy 6/9/10 by Dick

Next LATAG meeting 7/13/10


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