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August 10th, 2010

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Regular Board Meeting

Libby Area Technical Assistance Group, Inc.

PO Box 53 • Libby, MT 59923

August 10th, 2010 • Regular Board Meeting Minutes

Board Member Attendees:
  • Mike Noble
  • Eileen Carney
  • Dr. Brad Black
  • Donna Martin
Guest Attendees:
  • Catherine LeCours -DEQ
  • Victor Ketellapper- EPA Denver
  • Mike Cirian -EPA
  • Bonnie Lavelle- EPA
  • Helen Dawson -EPA
  • Libby Faulk- EPA
  • Jody Bauinger -OMB
  • William Burke
  • Mel Parker


1.       Meeting called to order by Mike Noble at 7:00

2.       EPA Report: Mike Cirian reported that 82 properties have been started and 22 are finished. 38 are active in Troy. They will meet their goals for this year. They have presented a sample box to the museum to use in an exhibit on W.R. Grace. Activity Based Sampling- they have finished bicycling and driving a car through town.

Bonnie Lavelle discussed risks to fire fighters especially around the mine. The wind typically blows from SW to NE and higher concentrations are seen there. Recreation and tree cutting are uses of the Rainy Creek area. They want to do some activity based sampling on things fire fighters would be doing such as cutting fire lines. Later they will do work with a dozer. They need to know what is in the smoke. They want to burn a slash pile very close to the mine in stable and unstable air conditions. Regulations against open burning and burning with asbestos make it difficult to carry out this plan. Forest Service will only fight fires with aerial drops. They Forest Service suggest that they put more monitors around the perimeter to see if that will tell them what they need to know. The monitors are in place and if there is a fire, they will be turned on. Helen Dawson reported on the EPA Action Plan. Drafts are ready for EPA to revise in September. Soil samples are blown up to filter and detect asbestos at a lower level than previous tests. Papers have been published on some of the studies. Verification Sampling: is almost finished using sampling they already know the results of the verify the tests. Fluidized Bed: can detect down to 0.01% soil concentrations. Below that there would be nothing in the air.

      Victor reported that Area 5 Remedial Investigations will be available in a month. Sampling is being done on State Hwy. 37 to the dam and Hwy. 2 from Troy to Whiskey Hill. ATVs are driving along the highway in the dirt.

3.       DEQ: Catherine reported that after the Preliminary Investigation, they are going directly to the design stage. It has been a very productive summer.

4.       Meeting minutes: There were no minutes.

5.       There was no treasurer’s report

6.       Old Business: A contract has been signed with Tracy McNew as the new grant administrator. The contract was rewritten to avoid problems we have had in the past. She is working on the quarterly reports.

7.       The next meeting is scheduled for September 7th.

8.       Committee Reports:

Technical Advisory Committee: Brad Black reported that Terry had listed some questions that need to be answered. The U. of Cincinnati is doing research with the childhood studies. They will be here on September 16th. CAG will hold a symposium with Terry to moderate. A motion to bring Terry for the rally and to meet with the board in September was made by Donna and seconded by Brad. Motion carried.


There has been no response to questions on OU1 and 2 from the EPA. A motion was made by Donna and seconded by Brad to send a letter requesting a written response to our questions. Motion carried.


Motion was made by Brad and seconded by Donna to ask the EPA the questions posed by Terry about activity based sampling. Motion carried.

9.       Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM


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