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November 9th, 2010

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Regular Board Meeting

Libby Area Technical Assistance Group, Inc.

PO Box 53 • Libby, MT 59923

November 9th, 2010 • Regular Board Meeting Minutes

(Note: bold items within paragraphs are motions made and voted on as well as action items agreed upon.) 

Board Member Attendees:
  • Mike Noble
  • LeRoy Thom
  • JoElyn Brus
  • Pam PeppengerDr. Brad Black
  • Phillip Erquiaga
  • Donna Martin
Contractor Attendees:
  • Tracy McNew, Grant Administrator 
Guest Attendees:
  • Katherine LeCours, MTDEQ (by phone)
  • Libby Faulk, EPA (by phone)
  • Mike Cirian, EPA

1.       Meeting began at approximately 7:10pm

2.       Introductions 

3.       EPA Report (Mike Cirian)

a.       Cleanup update

                           i.      Construction and removal has finished for the year. There were 201 total clean ups; 117 in Libby and 84 in Troy.

                         ii.      123,000 cubic yards of soil were removed from properties, this exceeded last year.

                        iii.      228,000 cubic yards of soil were moved from the amphitheatre to the top of the mine this year.

                       iv.      7,300 cubic yards of asbestos containing materials were removed from properties

                         v.      Plastics were removed from soils and taken to the land fill instead of leaving them at the mine site.

                       vi.      Next year may be the last year for cleaning interiors except for properties that are yet unknown.

                      vii.      The Libby Hotel was cleaned this year.

                    viii.      Ambient air monitors have run all construction season with only one hit at the 10 to the -5 level. There will be once monthly sampling through the winter and a new plan will be drafted for ambient air monitoring next construction season.

                       ix.      The first round of collection for background studies was just finished but there are no results yet.

                         x.      Activity Based Sampling has been completed for the year but results are not yet available. ABS included bicycling, yard work and ATV riding.  

b.       Other EPA updates

                           i.      Over the winter EPA will be evaluating response action work plans, tech memo, safety plans, etc. They will be updating and evaluating documents, investigations and designs for next construction season so that they can be ready to hit the ground running.

                         ii.      The long term contracting plans are still in progress. There will be a ~49 million dollar construction design contract and a ~249 million dollar construction contract open to bidders from across the nation.

                        iii.      EPA met with the Lincoln County Health Board last week regarding institutional controls. The County Health Board has been invited to participate and per Dr. Brad Black will likely do so.

                       iv.      There has been a problem with trespassing at the mine site.

                         v.      On Thursday December 2nd EPA region 8 Administrator, Jim Martin will hold an “availability session” at Flathead Valley Community College from 7- 8:30PM.  

c.       Questions regarding EPA report

                           i.      Brad asked if EPA was expanding their scope. Mike C. responded that they are doing the same work but trying the new long term contracts to respond to community concerns of inconsistency.

                         ii.      Phillip asked how much money was spent this year. Mike C. responded that it was approximately 25 million dollars.

                        iii.      JoElyn asked what the role of the Army Corps of Engineers will be. Mike C. responded that the Corps will still be here providing oversight for the construction contract and that the goal is to have two Corps representatives in Libby next year.

                       iv.      Phillip asked about the meaning of “design” regarding the design contract. Mike C. responded that design means everything from designing home cleanups to remedial investigations and actions, developing specific plans and long term plans.

                         v.      Phillip asked if a documented plan is available for background study collection. Mike C. responded that he will find out and obtain the document if it exists.

4.       DEQ Report- Catherine LeCours

                           i.      There are 30 properties that still need to be addressed in OU7

                         ii.      Draft Remedial Investigation report is out for OU7, but no ambient air data available in it. Please submit any comments about the report by the first week in Dec. so that the final can be written. Terry Spear will review the draft RI report as a priority.

                        iii.      A report on OU4 should be out by January and will contain ambient air data

                       iv.      OU7 has been broken up into four zones for ambient air monitoring. There are 3 stations set up in town, two south of town and two north of town at this time.

                         v.      With 8 ambient air monitoring stations running and 26 sampling events there have been about 7 hits which Catherine describes as 1-5 fibers and “very low risk levels.”

5.       W.R. Grace Report: (no report)  

6.       Special Presentations

a.       Technical Advisor Report (no report)

b.       CAG Report (no report)

c.       O& M Report (Donna Martin & Mike Cirian)

                           i.      O & M Meeting discussed pamphlets regarding yard work and gardening, and a forest service pamphlet.

                         ii.      A draft O & M plan for OU2 was discussed 

7.       Meeting Minutes Review and Approval:

a.       Phillip made a motion to accept October’s minutes as written, Pam seconded it and it was unanimously passed. 

8.       Treasurer’s Report (JoElyn Brus)

a.       Reimbursements #81 and 82 have been received.

b.       Current balance is $46,875.86

c.       Terry Spear has submitted a sizable invoice for reimbursement.  

9.       Sub-Committee Reports

a.       Communications Committee- Phillip Erquiaga (chairperson)

                          i.      Phillip will draft a 2010 highlights LATAG newsletter

b.       Nomination Committee- LeRoy Thom (chairperson)

                           i.      There are no new board member applications at this time

c.       O & M Attendance Rotation Committee- Mike Noble/ LeRoy Thom (co-chairs) – no report

d.       Technical Advisor Committee- Dr. Brad Black (chairperson)

                          i.      CAG was cancelled last month so LeRoy will call Mike G. who is on the CAG to discuss symposium date and set up.

                        ii.      Terry Spear’s questions for the EPA were reviewed. Brad Black suggested a question be added. Pam made a motion to add the question. Phillip seconded it, and it was unanimously approved.

10.   Old Business

a.       July meeting notes were found by Donna Martin. JoElyn and Mike N. will review and add to them.

b.       Board to review Terry’s documents- Tracy will send them out to the board by email.

c.       Quarterly reports- Phillip will do Environmental statements and Tracy will prepare reports. 

11.   New Business

a.       Nominations for Ad-Hoc, Chairman & Secretary

                          i.      LeRoy nominated Donna Martin for Ad-Hoc. The motion was seconded by JoElyn.

                        ii.      LeRoy nominated Mike Noble to retain Chairman position. JoElyn seconded the motion.

                        iii.      JoElyn nominated Eileen Carney to retain Secretary position. LeRoy seconded the Motion

12.   Open Discussion

a.       LeRoy feels that a formal letter to Linda Armer at the EPA would be appropriate addressing DC Orr’s concerns about the LATAG. It was decided to proceed with a formal letter which will be drafted by LeRoy.

b.       EPA’s Region 8 Administrator will be in Libby December 2nd. Brad feels that it is important to have LATAG presence at this event. It was decided that Tracy will send out a reminder email prior to the event reminding board members to please attend.  

13.   Review and agreement on action items

a.       See attached action items that were agreed upon.

14.   Next Meeting Scheduled December 7th, 2010.  

15.   Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:05pm


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