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May 10th, 2011

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Regular Board Meeting

Libby Area Technical Assistance Group, Inc.

PO Box 53 • Libby, MT 59923

May 10th, 2011 • Regular Board Meeting Minutes


(Note: bold items within paragraphs are motions made and voted on as well as action items agreed upon.)

Board Member Attendees:

  • Phillip Erquiaga
  • JoElyn Brus
  • Mike Noble
  • Karen Horton
  • Brad Black
Contractor/Employee Attendees:
  • Tracy McNew, Grant Administrator
  • Terry Spear, Technical Advisor (by phone)

Guest Attendees:

  • Lisa DeWitt MT DEQ
  • Victor Ketallapper, EPA
  • Larry Scusa, MT DEQ
  • Mike Cirian, EPA
  • Libby Faulk, EPA
  • Steve Wharton, EPA
  • Billl Murray, EPA
  • David Berry, EPA 
1.       Meeting began at approximately 7:00pm

2.       Introductions were made around the room.

3.       EPA Report:

a.      Mike C. announced that the construction season has begun and there are four excavation crews working now. He also announced that a memo of agreement has been reached for use of the landfill so that interior property cleaning may begin again.

b.      OU1- EPA is waiting for the City of Libby to finalize the cooperative agreement for remediation of Riverfront Park. There is concern that work needs to be done when the river’s water level is low which may delay the project.

c.      A plan is being put together and should be in place by the end of next week to improve property restoration post clean-up activities so that grass will grow better.

d.      EPA is working with W.R. Grace to place soils removed from property clean-ups strategically so that they cover soils at the mine site that are more contaminated.

e.      There have been a total of 18 ERS calls this year, six are still in progress.

f.       Victor K. stated that EPA has been working with the Army Corps of Engineers to get two new contracts in place; one for engineering, and one for construction. For the engineering contract they are now asking for cost proposals. The construction contract was just posted.

g.      EPA is planning to expand ABS to include additional exposures for trades such as landscaping this year.

h.      Victor K. asked if we had any questions regarding the public meeting held last week by Jim Martin, the regional administrator.

                                                               i.      Terry asked about the material presented. EPA stated that it is available online and Terry responded that he would go online to view the fact sheet and presentations from the public meeting.

i.        Libby F. mentioned that the new “results” can now be used to compare with ABS results and begin discussion of a final remedy for the Libby Superfund site. She also asked for any feedback on how best to engage the community in these discussions. The difficulty of conducting surveys under the EPA’s regulations was also discussed.

                                                               i.      Dr. Black expressed that there is concern over the different clean-up standards used in different eras of the project and that developing a fact sheet concerning this topic would be helpful.

j.        Mike C. discussed the number of properties that have not allowed EPA access. There is concern over “track in” and “cross contamination” as the clean-up draws nearer to a finish. Currently there are 550- 600 properties of 4400 that have not allowed access. They are using a neighborhood voluntary recruitment (door knocking) approach to recruit participants.

                                                               i.      Dr. Black stated that the County Health Board has made a commitment to encourage property owners to allow EPA access to their properties.

                                                             ii.      Mike N. asked about rumors of people contacting EPA and never hearing back. Mike C. cited miscommunication as the probable cause and urged us to have these individuals call the EPA office.

k.      Mike C. plans to do a PowerPoint presentation on how clean-up is done at the June LATAG meeting.

l.        Phillip asked about the bark from OU5 that was sold and transported off site. Steve explained that 2007 samples are now being analyzed quantitatively and ABS will be done to mimic the use of the material. The property owner has agreed to barricade the area preventing further access until analysis is complete.

m.    Terry asked about appendices that are referred to in the background sampling report that he is reviewing. Dave B. will email him this as well as the superfund site flowchart and trucking strategy that he expressed interest in seeing. 

4.       DEQ Report:

a.      Lisa announced that a public meeting will be held at the Troy HS auditorium on 5/17. This is to kick off ABS that will take place this summer. The OU7 SAP document was made available on CD and she asked that comments be submitted as soon as possible.   

b.      DEQ has made an offer for the open position in Troy, and Carolyn Rutland will be starting soon in Libby.  

5.       W.R. Grace Report: No Report    

6.     Technical Advisor Report: Terry passed along a request from Tony Ward for a letter of support from TAG. The grant would be a three year project looking at wood burning as a pathway of asbestos exposure in Libby and Troy. 

7.       CAG Report: Dr. Black shared a rough proposal for the structure of the Libby Public Health Symposium to be held this fall.   The document will be sent to Terry for suggestions and taken to the CAG meeting on 5/12. 

8.      EPA Public Meeting report: Dr. Black discussed the importance of the review of the preliminary toxicity value information shared. The county health board has nominated him to be a participant in the scientific review board.  

a.      A motion was made and unanimously passed for TAG to send a letter to Senators Baucus and Tester expressing support for Dr. Black’s nomination to this scientific review board. 

9.       April’s LATAG meeting minutes were reviewed.

a.      A motion was made and unanimously passed to approve April’s minutes as written. 

10.   Treasurer’s Report: (JoElyn Brus)

a.      Reimbursement #86 was received for $956.

b.      Current balance is $39,955.86 

11.   Sub-Committee Reports:

a.      Communications Committee- Phillip Erquiaga (chairperson) – The website is up to date.

b.      Nomination Committee- LeRoy Thom (chairperson) – No Report

c.      O & M Attendance Rotation Committee- Mike Noble/ LeRoy Thom (co-chairs) – No Report

d.      Technical Advisor Committee- Dr. Brad Black (chairperson) - No Report. 

12.   Old Business:

a.      CAG-TAG Public Health Symposium funding- EPA did formally disallow the use of TAG grant funds to be used for this purpose. Alternatives for funding were discussed. A motion was made and unanimously passed to request a letter of support for the Libby Public Health Symposium from the City and County, and for LeRoy to present to and make this request from them. 

b.      TAG’s 2010 taxes are at with the CPA to be completed.

c.      The quarterly report for Oct – Dec 2010 still needs to be completed.

d.      Tracy has completed the grant recipient training that was requested by EPA. 

13.   New Business:

a.      It was unanimously approved to submit a letter of support for Tony Ward’s grant application regarding wood burning as a pathway of asbestos exposure.   

b.      Reimbursement 87 needs to be reviewed prior to submitting to EPA.

c.      A motion was made and unanimously approved to send the following documents to Terry for review: OU7 SAP, OU2 draft O&M, OU2 draft remedial action plan, and to invite him to come in person to the next TAG meeting to discuss his comments with OU2 property owners.

d.      A motion was made and unanimously approved to change LATAG’s meeting time to 6-8PM beginning in June 2011.

e.      A motion was made by Phillip to purchase a new audio recorder to record LATAG meetings. The motion did not get a second and was therefore rejected.

f.       It was discussed that a newsletter be released in light of new EPA toxicity information and voluntary recruitment.

14.   Open Discussion:

a.      A motion was made and unanimously approved that LATAG purchase calling cards to facilitate Terry telecommuting to monthly meetings. 

15.   Review and agreement on action items was completed. 

16.   An Executive Board meeting was not scheduled. 

17.   In kind hours were collected and Mike reminded everyone that the next TAG regular board meeting is scheduled for June 7th. 

18. A motion was made and unanimously passed to adjourn the meetin


Write Linda A. at EPA w/ board bios, etc. LeRoy Thom
Q4 2010 report Tracy McNew
 Send Symposium proposal information to Terry  Tracy McNew
 Draft letter to senators  Tracy McNew
 Draft newsletter & plan to assist EPA voluntary recruitment  Phillip Erquiaga
 Review reimbursement 87  Mike Noble, JoElyn Brus, Tracy McNew
 Q1 2011 summary  Terry Spear, Phillip Erquiaga
 Send letter of support to Tony Ward  Mike Noble, Tracy McNew
Meeting Minutes & action items sent out   Tracy McNew
 E-board meeting schedule and minutes  Tracy McNew
 Follow-up re: income taxes  Tracy McNew


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