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January 10th, 2012

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Regular Board Meeting

Libby Area Technical Assistance Group, Inc.

PO Box 53 • Libby, MT 59923

January 10th, 2012 • Regula Board Meeting Minutes

(Note: bold items within paragraphs are motions made and voted on.)

Board Member Attendees:
  • Eileen Carney, Secretary
  • LeRoy Thom, Vice Chairman
  • Mike Noble, Chairman
  • JoElyn Brus, Treasurer
  • Brad Black
  • Karen Horton
  • Donna Martin, Ad-Hoc
  • Pam Peppenger
  • Phillip Erquiaga
Contractor/Employee Attendees:
  • Tracy McNew, Grant Administrator 
Guest Attendees:
  • Carolyn Rutland, MT DEQ
  • John Podolinsky, MT DEQ
  • Christina Progess, EPA
  • Rebecca Thomas, EPA            
  1. Meeting began at approximately 6:00pm.
  2. Introductions were made around the room.
  3. EPA Report (Rebecca Thomas and Christina Progess)
    1. Site Wide:
      1. The Scientific Advisory Board for LAA Toxicity values was announced. The first meeting will be held on Feb. 6 and is expected to be open to the public via phone or web.
      2. A public meeting is planned for Tuesday, May 8th
      3. EPA is working on a sampling plan to determine the nature and extent of contamination beyond defined OUs. This plan once developed will be shared with LATAG.
    2. OU1: Riverfront park rip rap placement is planned for February to take advantage of low water and frozen ground.
    3. OU2: Work continues on a plan for post-construction ABS.
    4. OU5: Wood chip analysis has showed no measurable exposure with ABS despite a small presence of fibers.
    5. OU6: BNSF railroad and EPA are entering into negotiations so that EPA may complete full data collection and possible reanalysis of current data collected by BNSF.
    6. OU3: EPA anticipates gathering more information about exposure scenarios in light of high levels of asbestos in surface water. It was asked if TAG would help to facilitate getting public input at an upcoming meeting to be held in March. Test burning has begun on duff material and preliminary results will likely be shared in a technical memo to be released in February.
      1. Brad asked if ABS was being done with ash. Christina didn’t believe that there would be enough ash to conduct ABS.
      2. A meeting was held in December with W.R. Grace where ecological risk assessment. Fish
      3. studies are anticipated on caged fish in the stream and no study is anticipated for birds per
      4. advice of an avian pulmonary expert. 
  4. DEQ Report- John Popolinsky
    1. Tetra Tec conducted and bark and duff study at Flower creek. Almost all samples contained asbestos and efforts to use timber commercially were abandoned. A report and follow-up studies are planned. A remedial investigation addendum will be released after all data collected last summer is validated. DEQ is working on a cooperative agreement with EPA to sustain the work.
  5. W.R. Grace Report (No
  6. Special Presentations
  7. Meeting minutes from October 2011 were reviewed and unanimously approved. Tracy agreed to type up notes from Novembers meeting for review at the next regular
  8. Treasurer’s Report –JoElyn Brus
    1. Balance will be $25,338.15 as of reimbursement 94 which we have not yet received the money for.  
  9. Sub-Committee Reports
    1. Communications Committee- Phillip Erquiaga (Chairperson) – No Report.
    2. Nomination Committee- LeRoy Thom (Chairperson) – No Report
    3. O&M Attendance Rotation Committee- Mike N./LeRoy T. (Co-chairs) – Pam stated that she will try to attend the meeting at 8:30 tomorrow AM.
    4. Technical Advisor Committee- Dr. Brad Black (Chairperson) – No Report.
  10. Old Business
    1. Newsletter: Phillip will work on the newsletter.  
    2. Symposium follow-up: Thank you cards will be distributed for signatures.
    3. The first of 4 overdue FFR reports was submitted to Linda A. for review. Tracy and JoElyn will finish the others once feedback is received.
    4. The EPA Scientific Advisory Board for LAA toxicity values was chosen. Brad expressed his concern that no clinicians are on the panel and that he strongly supports the use of pleural plaques as the end point for health effects.
  11. New Business
    1. Nominations were accepted for Ad-Hoc: Donna and Karen were both nominated. Donna declined nomination.
    2. Nominations were accepted for Vice Chair: Leroy was nominated
    3. Nominations were accepted for Treasures: JoElyn was nominated
    4. It was unanimously decided that Terry’s contract should be renewed.
    5. Tracy and JoElyn will meet to complete the end of year audit. It was agreed on that taxes would be done by Bruce Zwang, CPA.
  12. Open Discussion
    1. It was agreed that after the close of this meeting, a new meeting would be opened so that a second round of nominations could be completed because there were no meetings in November or December. This would allow voting to take place at the February meeting.
    2. A meeting was scheduled for Thursday, January 26 at 6PM to review Policy and Procedure Manual and Bylaws.
  13. Action items were reviewed and agreed upon. An executive board meeting was scheduled for Friday, January 27 at
  14. In kind hours were submitted.
  15. The next regular board meeting will be Tuesday February, 7th
  16. The meeting was ended at 8:06PM
  17. A meeting was reconvened at approximately 8:08PM
  18. Nominations were accepted or Ad-Hoc, Vice Chair, and Treasurer. No new nominations were made for Ad-Hoc or Treasurer. LeRoy Thom nominated Karen Horton for Vice Chair but Karen declined.
  19. The meeting was unanimously ended at approximately 8:15PM
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