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April 10th, 2012

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Regular Board Meeting

Libby Area Technical Assistance Group, Inc.

PO Box 53 • Libby, MT 59923

April 10, 2012 • Regular Board Meeting Minutes


  1. Call To Order at 6:10PM 
  2. Introductions were made around the room.

The following were present:
  • Rick Bondy, Trihydro
  • Sarah Seitz, Trihydro
  • Tom Smith, Trihydro
  • Christina Progess, EPA
  • Liz Fagen, EPA
  • Victor Ketellapper, EPA
  • Karen Edson, EPA
  • Mike Cirian, EPA
  • Rebecca Thomas, EPA
  • David Berry, EPA
TAG Representatives:   Mike Noble, Chairman
  • LeRoy Thom, Vice Chairman
  • JoElyn Brus, Treasures
  • Eileen Carney, Secretary
  • Karen Horton, Ad Hoc
  • Brad Black
  • Tracy McNew, Grant Administrator

3. EPA Report: Victor/ Rebecca/ Christina/ Mike/ LIz

    1. Next month is annual public meeting on Tuesday May 8 in the Ponderosa room. There will be a short informational presentation with an open house setup afterwards. It will be from 6:30 to 8:00 PM. TAG and CAG are invited to be available at a table to answer questions.
    2. June meeting will be combined CAG/TAG
    3. OU1 (export plant/ Riverfront Park) River rip rap construction done Next week will be park restoration construction beginning. Goal is to turn it over to the city in June
    4. OU2 (screening plant) Post construction ABS in July or when weather is hot and dry
    5. OU3 (mine) sampling plans underway for surface water and sediment in Kootenai both upstream and downstream including Lake Koocanusa. Will also do ABS on Zonolite Island on Kootenai to mimic sediment disturbing activities. This is just south of Rainy Creek. ABS will be done during low flow. ABS will also be done to assess exposure to logging activities at OU3 and Flower Creek. Both locations will be done in winter and summer to understand if wintertime logging would be beneficial to reduce exposure. Results of duff burn are back and the majority of asbestos remains in ash. Less than 1% is liberated in the smoke. There will be additional sampling in OU3 to evaluate risk to firefighters. Working with WR Grace to implement interim actions including excavating a 5 acre parcel of flood plain putting it in the mine site and re-vegetating to improve water quality in Rainy Creek below the site. EPA is working on getting an administrative order to direct them to do this. Several public notices will be put out as well to inform the public of activities happening in OU3. These are planned for newspapers biweekly. This will begin in the next few weeks
    6. OU4 (Libby) Next Monday April 16 construction will start on OU1 and OU4. A 33 residence trailer park will be the first property cleaned this season. Construction kick off meeting will be Thursday. ERS calls up to 10 this year and will continue. Ambient Air monitoring will also continue. Asa Wood school demolition may still proceed; EPA is working with them on this plan. Dr. Black asked about how CAG, TAG & City/ County Board of Health are involved with voluntary recruitment. Mike C. states that it is not necessary at this time as there is good response. 75 interior inspections were completed over the winter and two will be cleaned up. Surface water sampling will also be done in Kootenai and creeks in OU4. Trees, bark and duff sampling throughout the valley will be done. Assessment of risks of eating contaminated fish and game is being investigated. Comparative exposure of ambient air monitoring of Libby and other locations outside of Libby- this is not happening yet but being discussed. They are also still working on developing a cumulative risk assessment site wide with the possible exception of OU3. They anticipate that this is the last year of collection of exposure data. Toxicity values are under external peer review with the SAB whose comments should be in this summer and then 6 to 8 mos. from that time there should be finalized values and creation of cumulative risk assessment and finalized clean-up plan. Brad asked if the next review will have a teleconference available. David B. stated that Yes, there is a call in on the 6th and 8th of May. He states that it is a listening session only to hear the deliberations. Libby stated that she will have the information emailed to the distribution list.
    7. OU5 (Stimson) RI released. Feasibility study largely drafted but waiting on final Toxicity values. They will assist in any redevelopment projects in the mean time
    8. OU6 (BNSF) EPA is negotiating with BNSF to conduct RI. Corridor between Fisher River and Troy. ABS data collected indicated non-detect all the way along the corridor but EPA will require reanalysis ofThe first good faith offer is due April 16.
    9. OU8 (State Highways) still undergoing internal review of RI. MDEQ has reviewed already. Part is on hold until final toxicity values are available
    10. Site wide: Gardening class will be offered for establishment of new lawns. Demonstration plots will be placed outside of CDM’s building. There are 6 different seed plots with 5 different seed mixes and they will be separated by hard mix demonstration materials. EPA has awarded a cooperative agreement grant to the Lincoln County Board of Health regarding institutional controls. Alan Payne is legal counsel for the Board of Health and discussed these possible local health regulations that the grant was written for. This will be for now while cleanup is going on and in the future when EPA is gone. They are committed to proposing a program rather than adopting. Ideally EPA will fund the program and the board can support it with input from citizens. Trihydro is based out of Helena and they will be working in the community to help develop proposals for consideration primarily for an interim institutional control plan. Community surveys will likely be conducted. Although the response will likely be regulatory, it will hopefully be educational and informational as well as providing resources like ERS, HEPA vacuums, etc. Programs will have geographic limits. The county will be present at the EPA public meeting.

4.DEQ Report

    1. aDEQ will participate in annual meeting with EPA. They are reviewing documents in support of EPA as well including analytical results and work plans. A public meeting is anticipated in Troy as well; it will likely take place in June when more results are available. DEQ is waiting on funding from EPA to do air sampling, responding to ERS’s and U-digs, poised for any needed ABS sampling, screening new properties through voluntary recruitment, putting together work plans to do primarily interiors this summer. They plan to use the neighborhood

5. W.R. Grace Report (No

6. Special Presentations

7. Meeting minutes & notes review and approval – March, 2012. The minutes were unanimously approved.

8. T reasurer’s Report

  1. $21,277.15 total after #97

9. Sub-Committee Reports

  1. Communications Committee- Phillip Erquiaga (chairperson)- No report.
  2. Nomination Committee- LeRoy Thom (chairperson)- No report.
  3. O&M Attendance Rotation Committee- Mike Noble/ LeRoy Thom (co-chairs)- Meeting April 11 from 8-10 AM. No one at the meeting was free to attend but it was discussed that their participation should be coordinated with the county’s efforts.
  4. Technical Advisor Committee- Dr. Brad Black (chairperson) Brad discussed how the TA needs to be involved in cumulative exposure. There are four applicants, John Wennes, Tony Ward, Steve Ackerlund, and Anne

10. Old Business

  1. Newsletter is still not done. Mike suggested hiring someone to do it. JoElyn made a motion to hire someone to develop a quarterly newsletter at $75 per issue. Karen seconded and it was unanimously approved.
  2. FFR still needs to be reviewed.
  3. Quarterly reports are in progress and Tracy will work to have them up to date by next month’s meeting.
  4. Reimbursements 98 & 99 to be done and submitted. Tracy will have these done by May 8.
  5. Newspaper ad for board members? Hold for now until after EPA’s annual

11. New Business

  1. Review TA applicants and decide on interviews. It was discussed that we develop questions and schedule in person interviews around Brad’s availability. Three board members should be available for each interview. 1, 2, 3 and 4 pm interviews will be offered on the 20th or the 27th were agreed upon by the board. Interviews will take place at the CARD’s conference room and Karen will block the schedule.
  2. Audit will be done by MT workman’s comp
  3. MBE/WBE to be completed for EPA at the e-board

12. Open Discussion

  1. It was discussed that all available board members should be at the EPA meeting. We will have newsletters available. Board member recruitment applications. Packets about meeting times, place, minutes, bylaws, etc. A sign or banner. What is the TAG and why join

13. Review and agreement on action

14. Schedule e-board meeting Wednesday 18th at lunch at CARD conference

15. Submit in kind

16. Next LATAG regular board meeting –May 8, 6PM at the Ponderosa

17. Meeting was adjourned at 8PM.


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