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August 7th, 2012

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Regular Board Meeting

Libby Area Technical Assistance Group, Inc.

PO Box 53 • Libby, MT 59923

August 7th, 2012 • Regular Board Meeting Minutes

  1. Call To Order at 6:00PM
  2. Introductions were made around the room. 
In attendance were:
  • Mike Noble, Chairman
  • LeRoy Thom, Vice Chair
  • JoElyn Brus, Treasurer
  • Eileen Carney, Secretary
  • Karen Horton, Ad Hoc
  • Donna Martin
  • Tracy McNew, Grant Administrator
  • Mel Parker, Libby resident
  • John Podolinski, MT DEQ
  • Nick Raines, Lincoln County Asbestos Resource Program
  • Tom Smith, Trihydro
  • Sarah Seitz, Trihydro
  • Kirsten Bowers, MT DEQ
  • Carolyn Rutland, MT DEQ
  • Rebecca Thomas, EPA
  • Steve Wharton, EPA
  • Christina Progess, EPA
  • Karen Edson, EPA

3. EPA/ DEQ Reports- The following agenda was provided and followed:

Site Wide

Background Study

-          Comparative exposure ABS sampling

o        SAP Complete; ABS planned for August in coordination with the Forest Service

-          Ambient air comparative assessment

Flathead Valley Community College Classes offered

- Fall Gardening

- Libby Legacy     

Institutional Control Meeting took place this week with EPA, Lincoln county, Trihydro, Mr. Payne and MT DEQ.

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) continues deliberations

- Comments expected by October 2012

Riverfront Park (OU1)

- Institutional Control Plan to protect remedy bill be forwarded to LATAG

- Remedial Action Completion Report  (Fall/Winter 2012)

- Post Construction Risk Assessment (2013)

- Clearance Sampling at Search & Rescue

Screening Plant (OU2)

- Post Construction Risk Assessment  (Summer/Fall 2012)

- O&M Plan to transition to DEQ will be sent to LATAG for reveiw

- Transfer OU2 to MDEQ for Operation & Maintenance

Mine (OU3)-Christina Progess

-     Kootenai River Surface Water and Sediment Sampling

                Fall Sampling Planned for September

-     ABS sampling on Kootenai River/Zonolite Island September

  -     Draft SAP for ABS sampling for commercial loggers; Sampling August 2012

o        Mine

o        Winter and summertime logging

-  Interim Actions

o        Remove asbestos contaminated waste vermiculite below the amphitheater

o        Action Memo, Administrative Order with WR Grace

- Caged Fish Study completed but no data is available yet.

- Risk Assessments for contaminants other than asbestos

Residential/Commercial Areas (OU4)


- J. Neils Park Water Source  as an alternative to Riverfront Park

- Neighborhood Approach (Ongoing Removals)

o        Additional investigation team to identify higher priority properties

- Mobile Home Parks (one property, many homes)

- ERS/UDig Update

- SAP Complete for Ambient Air Monitoring for Structure Fires

Remedial Investigation:

- Nature and Extent Sampling Plan for Surface Water  (August 2012)

o        Kootenai and Tributaries

- Nature and Extent Sampling Plan for the Forest  (Fall 2012)

- Tissue Assessment Sampling Plan

o        Fish – August

o        Mammals - Fall

- MDEQ Approved Woodstove Use Exposure Assessment and ABS

o        Developing SAP

- Logging ABS Flower Creek

o        RFP will be issued to local loggers in early August

Stimson Lumber (OU5)

- Work stopped pending final toxicity values

o        Support planned development - Former nursery area to possibly become fishing pond

BNSF Rail Corridor (OU6)

- Next Steps include reanalysis of samples with higher sensitivity mtehods.

Troy  (OU7) – DEQ

-          Continue responding to ERS/UDig inquiries and the Troy community

-          Conducting RDIs, TAPEs, and ambient air sampling

-          Indoor ABS Sampling & Analysis Plan being developed/reviewed

-          Preliminary waste wood sampling results being validated

-   Gravel Pit Sampling

-   Nature & Extent Sampling Plan for forest around OU7

State Highways (OU8)

·         Drafting Feasibility Study

       5)   WR Grace Report (none)

       6) Meeting minutes review and approval – September, 2012 Eileen motioned to approve and Donna seconded.  The motion was unanimously passed.

       7) Treasurer’s Report

  1. Additional funds has been received from EPA
  2. Bruce Zwang’s TA contract needs to be sent to EPA for review so that reimbursements can be done for June- August
  3. $16,816.15 as of August.  With additional $50,000 = $66,816.15

       8)  Sub-Committee Reports

  1. Communications Committee- Eileen and Karen.  Newsletter will be updated and submitted to newspaper.
  2. Nomination Committee- LeRoy.  Nick Raines will be given an application to join the board.
  3. O&M Attendance Rotation Committee- Donna.  No meeting in September.  At the August meeting Libby Legacy, ARP, Board of Realtors meetings, Chamber of Commerce and community outreach activities were discussed. 
  4. Technical Advisor Committee- Brad

       9) Old Business

  1. GA Ad was run in KVR and Western News x 1 week with no responses.  A contract will be entered into with Bruce Zwang.  Bruce will handle financial aspects and Tracy will handle other aspects.
  2. Donna made a motion to send the drafted letter to Phillip E and Karen seconded it.  It was unanimously approved.
  3. Web proposal will be emailed to the board to review and discuss next time.

       10) New Business

  1. 2 reports have been completed by ARP include The Land Use Restriction Report and review of current EPA ABS data.  Web address:\environmentalhealth\asbestos.html
    1. Land Use Restriction Report involved assessment of all existing land use restrictions were assessed including city, county, state and federal regulations.  Anything applicable to interim institutional controls were identified, how they could be modified to incorporate the ARP.  Report was completed in June and will be posted on the county website in September.
    2. ABS data report – much data is still needed is one of the biggest conclusions of this report.
  2. A motion was made by Donna for both TAs to review these reports, Karen seconded the motion.  The question was posed as to whether one or both TAs should evaluate the report and it was decided that this is important because of perspectives provided and background understanding.  Tony is data and methodology and Steve is program development and community development standpoint.    More duplication of TA duties will happen up front with getting up to speed and then TAs have agreed to work together to define roles with LATAG guidance.  It was unanimously approved that both TAs review the two county reports.    

       11) Open Discussion

  1. What is the TAG’s role in these institutional controls?  It was decided that our TAs should be informed and weigh in on these issues.
  2. Steve discussed the possibility to identifying focused targeted ways to enhance community involvement in institutional controls. It was discussed that community engagement and dissemination of information to the public are goals of the TAG.  Karen suggested using press releases to communicate with the community.  An interactive blog was suggested and it was discussed that this would be great for the CAG.  Use of newspapers re: “superfund straight talk” which discusses a new topic each time was also discussed.  Development of a communication plan would be very helpful.  Steve will follow-up with Dr. Black.
  3. The question was brought up as to whether or not TAG should have a role in developing a broader look at cumulative exposure, but the question was tabled due to time restrictions.  It was decided that each board member would consider LATAG’s short and long term goals as an action item.

       12) Review and agreement on action items was completed.

       13) In kind hours for September were submitted.

       14) The next LATAG regular board meeting will be October 9, 2012.

       15) The meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM


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