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October 9th, 2012

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Regular Board Meeting

Libby Area Technical Assistance Group, Inc.

PO Box 53 • Libby, MT 59923

October 9th, 2012 • Regular Board Meeting Minutes

1. Call to Order at 6:00PM

2. Introductions were made around the room.


In attendance were:  

  • Mike Noble, Chair
  • JoElyn Brus, Treasurer
  • Eileen Carney, Secretary
  • Karen Horton, Ad Hoc
  • Brad Black, LATAG
  • Donna Martin, LATAG
  • Zach McNew, LATAG
  • Tracy McNew, LATAG GA
  • Steve Ackerlund, LATAG TA (phone)
  • John Podolinsky, MTDEQ
  • Liz Fagen, EPA
  • Tony Ward, LATAG TA (phone)
  • Christina Progess, EPA
  • Rebecca Thomas, EPA
  • Victor Ketellapper, EPA
  • Nick Raines, ARP
  • Ken Schreuder, TriHydro
  • Kathy Brown, TriHydro
  • Tom Smith, TriHydro
  • Carolyn Rutland, MTDEQ
  • Katy Norris, TetraTech
  • Karen Edson, EPA
  • LeRoy Thom, Vice Chair 


3. EPA Report 

Site Wide

 Background Study

  1. Comparative exposure ABS sampling complete with results this winter (Whitefish, Helena & Eureka)
  2. Ambient air comparative assessment

 Libby Legacy Class

  1. October 11th: Government Agency Involvement in Libby (Paul Lammers)
  2. October 25th: Biology and Toxicology of Asbestos (Deb McKean, EPA and Gene Reckin)

 Institutional Controls Work Group Meeting- Nick Raines discussed the draft matrix that represents all components of the program that is being developed. Early November, the full proposal should be ready. Rebecca Thomas will check in with LATAG to find out if anything is needed from EPA for November 8 meeting. 


Coordination with Realtors- EPA and MDEQ working with them on communication plan for home buyers


Wood Waste at the Landfills- MTDEQ sampled the wood in the Libby landfill with no hits but in Troy asbestos was found. Work with county continues to address the issue.


Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

  1. Final meeting completed and final comments from SAB due in the end of October. Final version of toxicity value due between May and Sept, 2013.

 Community Involvement Plan and Interviews- 15- 20 people interviewed by EPA. A second round of interviews will take place in the spring and an ad will placed in the paper. A draft community involvement plan should be ready in the summer. Steve Ackerlund asked to look at interview questions. Karen Edson will send them to LATAG. Brad asked if it is being conducted in coordination with Lincoln County and the ARP. EPA will plan on ARP being invited to participate in the spring question sessions.

Riverfront Park (OU1)

  1. As-Built Drawings to City to know where residual contamination is.
  2. Institutional Controls Plan (December 2012)
  3. Remedial Action Completion Report (December 2012)
  4. Post Construction Risk Assessment (2013)

Screening Plant (OU2)

  1. Post Construction Risk Assessment (ABS Complete/ Report late 2012 or early 2013)
  2. O&M Plan/IC Plan
  3. Transfer OU2 to MDEQ for Operation & Maintenance

Mine (OU3)

  1. Kootenai River Surface Water and Sediment Sampling- complete with results pending
  2. ABS sampling on Kootenai River/ Zonolite island- Complete with results this winter
  3. Commercial logging ABS at the mine- Complete with results this winter
  4. Interim Actions- Removal Underway – 5 acres of tailings below amphitheater waste is being deposited at the mine site. Brad asked what stops the erosion and contaminants moving back down? Christina stated that this is only interim so the long term solution will be decided on later. It was discussed if stabilization of the tailings pile will even be possible but this is unknow to this point. EPA stated that they are aware that land use restrictions are unwelcome but that they may be unavoidable.

Residential/ Commercial Areas (OU4)

  1. Construction:
    1. ERS/UDig Update- calls picking up a bit this fall.
    2. Gravel Alleys, Driveways and Parking lots- Proposed new approach for alleys will be re-proposed to county and city to address concerns with original proposal which involved removal of 6 inches and then visual inspection Mike N. asked about why these areas are being differentiated when we don’t know what future land use will be. Victor stated that 6 inches is usually the depth of native soils so contaminants areBrad asked if there is sampling being conducted at SJLH construction site. Victor stated that they are working with the contractor to test this. Stationary monitors were recommended.
    3. Construction Season coming to an end
    4. J. Neils Water Tank Winterization
    5. Remedial Investigation:
    6. Dynamite found in a shed and taken care of on property belonging to NW MT mental health clinic
      1. Nature and Extent Sampling for Surface Water- Complete with results this winter
      2. Nature and Extent Sampling for the Forest
  • SAP Complete; Selecting accessible locations with the Forest Service; Sample collection in September or October
  1. Tissue Assessment Sampling
  • Fish- Collection Complete; finalizing SOP for analysis
  • Mammals- SAP Complete; Sample collection in October
  1. Woodstove use Exposure Assessment and ABS
  • SAP nearing completion; Sample collection in October or November
  • Logging ABS Flower Creek- May be postponed
  • Tony asked about the kind of filter being used and the timing. He requested a copy of the study protocol. Brad asked about the ash disposal unit at the local landfill. It was suggest that EPA sample this.
  1. Flower Bed Sampling
  • SAP Complete; Sample Collection and RE-analysis in mid-September

Stimson Lumber (OU5)

  1. Work stopped pending final toxicity values. Kids fishing pond group is looking into design and there was a recent ERS call there.

BNSF Rail Corridor (OU6)

  1. Re-analysis archived ABS samples. 65 soils collocated with ABS concurrently. Tony requested the information about where these samples were collected. Rebecca will send them to Tracy.

Troy (OU7) - DEQ

  1. Continue responding to ERS/UDig inquiries
  2. Conducting RDIs, TAPEs, and ambient air sampling
  3. Completed Dry Season Indoor ABS Sampling; Wet Season Indoor ABS to be conducted in January
  4. Developing Gravel Pit SAP- background study
  5. Residential Demolition recently in Troy that went well.
  6. Karen asked if there was any further data on the fibers detected in Troy. TEM electron microscopy is being conducted and it involves the gravel pit study.

State Highways (OU8)

  1. Drafting FS

4.  WR Grace Report (None) 

5. TA Reports

  1. Steve looked over ambient air data and did not recommend a report at this time as the investigation is ongoing and there doesn’t seem to be an issue at this time.
  2. Tony asked about protocol for studies. EPA does not regularly submit protocols to TAG prior to completing testing. Brad motioned that we be given the opportunity to review the plan before implementation. LeRoy seconded, and it was unanimously passed.
  3. Nick with bring hard copies of activity based exposure report for both TAs later this week when they are in Libby.

6.   Eileen made a motion to approve meeting minutes which was seconded by Donna and unanimously 


7.  Treasurer’s Report

  1. $66,816.15 currently in the account.

8.  Sub-Committee Reports

a. communications committee- Eileen and Karen

b. nomination committee- LeRoy

Nick Raines has been given an application to join the board.

c. O&M attendance committee- Donna

Donna will attend tomorrow at 8AM.

d. Technical Advisor committee- Brad

Symposium this week Friday and Saturday. 

9. Old Business

            a. GA contract approved by Linda A. currently being reviewed by Bruce Zwang

            b. What are LATAG’s short and long term goals? Brad discussed approaching the City/County

     health board about partnering with them for the use of Steve Ackerlund. Brad made a

     motion that City/County board of health be approached to let LATAG TAs review TriHydro

     documents prior to implementation.   Tracy to check with Linda Armer.

            c. web master contract/ proposal tabled. A more defined proposal to estimate cost to turn the

     website around into a more interactive and redesigned site as she suggests. 

10. New business

            a. Table at Research Rally on Thursday from 4:30 to 6:30 at the Memorial Center. Donna will try

to be there.

b. Karen will help with Symposium.

11. Open Discussion (none) 

12. Review and agreement on action items 

13. Submit in kind hours for September/ October 

15. Next LATAG regular board Meeting- November 8th 5PM 

16. The meeting was adjourned at 8:16 PM.


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