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July 10th, 2013

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Regular Board Meeting

Libby Area Technical Assistance Group, Inc.

PO Box 53 • Libby, MT 59923

July 10th, 2013 • Regular Board Meeting Minutes

Red font indicates action items.

1) Call To Order at 6:00PM

2) EPA & DEQ reports

  • Highlights: Troy landfill wood waste
  • ARP budget negotiations continue this is a grant funded program
  • EPA’s annual update mailed to Libby and Troy recently
  • EPA has a new Regional Administrator named Shaun McGrath
  • Liz Fagen will be working in Libby from mid-June to early September
  • There are contaminated homes outside of the NPL boundary that will not be cleaned

OU1: Riverfront Park

  • O&M Plan
  • Remedial Action Report
  • Post Construction Risk Assessment –Summer 2013

OU2: Screening Plant

  • Post construction risk assessment- EPA reviewing technical review workgroup (TRW) and MDEQ comments
  • O&M Plan

OU3: Mine

  • Interim Actions- removal action to be resumed in June
  • Air dispersion/deposition memo – June
  • 2013 Eyed Egg Study – repeat initiated on May 4th
  • Libby Asbestos Response Plan exercise July 11th –live exercise planned by Lincoln County

OU4: Residential/ Commercial Areas

  • Construction: ERS/UDig Update- 27 ERS, ~50 UDig since January 2013
  • Construction Update- started May 6th 22 projects in progress, 85 expected
  • Remedial Investigation:    Data Summary Reports
  • 2013 Sampling Program
  • Pore water sampling complete with the exception of the Fisher River

OU5: Stimson Lumber

  • Remedial Investigation- June
  • Fishing Pond will be installed

OU6: BNSF Rail Corridor

  • ABS reanalysis underway with results due July 3rd

OU7: Troy

  • Support transition of Troy activities to comprehensive site- wide approach
  • Construction this fall: Preparing for at least 15 removals
  • Continue ambient air monitoring
  • Remedial investigation – draft submitted to EPA for review

OU8: State Highways

  • Remedial Investigation - June

3) Meeting minutes from June 2013 were reviewed and approved.

4) Treasurer’s Report

  1. May reimbursement was $3,582.00
  2. Grant balance is $39,644.36

5) Sub-Committee Reports

  1. Communications Committee- Zach
  1. TA reports and minutes are up to date
  2. Zach will follow-up on counting views monthly

     b. Nomination Committee- LeRoy

  1. An ad placed in the paper with other ads may be helpful

     c.  O&M Attendance Rotation Committee- Donna

  1. Donna will attend tomorrow’s meeting
  2. No meeting was held in June

     d. Technical Advisor Committee- Brad  - No Report

6) Special Reports

  1. TA reports
  1. Tony Ward

1. Tony discussed having EPA answers to their technical reviews as an important aspect.

2. Tony and Steve will create a separate document as they see appropriate for each report that is specifically addressed to EPA and will be submitted for a response.

3. TAG will submit Tony’s previous report on the OU1 Draft O&M plan to EPA for a response.  

     ii. Steve Ackerlund

1. Steve brought up concerns about assumptions with EPA’s & USFS’s modeling for firefighter exposure and civilian exposure in the event of a wildfire.  

2. TAG will request both the Air dispersion/deposition memo and the Firefighters tech memo.  

3. Steve will be unavailable for the August 6th meeting.

   b. ARP Report- Nick Rains

     i. ARP and EPA have been in budget negotiations for months.  An agreement has been reached and it is hoped that it will be approved at tomorrow’s Board of Health meeting.

    ii. EPA is not going to spend money on lower exposures until there is more data.  This version of the ARP is paired down and will postpone or delay a number of the components that were recommended.  EPA will reevaluate each component on a set schedule into the future.  

   iii. 3 full time staff will be supported through 2016 but each year the program budget will be reevaluated.

   iv. There is concern that components not included initially will never be agreed to.

7) Old Business

  a. GA needed

    i. TAG will advertise in the paper for 2 weeks and collect applications through job service.  All board members who are available will attend the interviews.  Zach will be responsible for setting this up.

8) New Business

 a. Karen will take lead on starting a summer newsletter.  Topics could include ARP, TAG website and board member recruitment, firefighting work, upcoming CAG/TAG forum looking for input.   We will send Steve an example of a past newsletter and will write an article.

 b. Donna will ask Rebecca Thomas if it would work for EPA to have a consistent meeting date such as the second Tuesday of each month.  

 c. OU1 RA report, Final OU5 RI report, Final OU8 RI report, Revised OU7 RI reports will be looked at by both TAs for a cursory assessment and then approach the board if they feel that full reports are necessary.

 d. Website modifications as suggested by Steve as a follow-up from the last CAG/TAG forum were discussed.  

 e. Linda Armer retired.  The LATAG board will send her a thank you card for her support.  

9) Open Discussion

 a. CAG’s and TAG’s roles in the forums were discussed.  It was decided that the format does help TAG to achieve our mission but meetings will not be combined so that TAG can complete our business.

10) No e-board meeting was scheduled at this time.

11) In kind hours were submitted and Mike will take them to the accountant’s office for submission to EPA.  

12) Next LATAG regular board meeting will be August 6, 2013.

13) The meeting was adjourned at 8:10PM.


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