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August 6th, 2013

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Regular Board Meeting

Libby Area Technical Assistance Group, Inc.

PO Box 53 • Libby, MT 59923

August 6th, 2013 • Regular Board Meeting Minutes


1) The meeting was called to Order at 6:00PM

2) In attendance were:

  • Mike Noble, LATAG
  • LeRoy Thom, LATAG
  • Eileen Carney, LATAG
  • Tracy McNew, LATAG
  • Donna Martin, LATAG
  • Zach McNew, LATAG
  • Tony Ward, LATAG TA
  • Tommy Cook, CDM
  • Mel Parker, Citizen
  • Lynn Woodbury, CDM
  • Deborah McKean, EPA
  • Christina Progess, EPA
  • Scott Fenton, CDM
  • Nick Raines, Lincoln Co.
  • Mike Cirian, EPA
  • Rebecca Thomas, EPA
  • Carolyn Rutland, MDEQ
  • Geoff McKenzie, CDM
  • Libby Faulk, EPA

3) EPA & DEQ reports were presented.

a) A PowerPoint was presented discussing the Superfund process and more specifically how Remedial Investigations are done.

b) EPA asked for TAG/CAGs input regarding encouraging public participation in the RI process. A fall forum was discussed as a possibility that the LATAG board will consider.

c) John Podolinski has accepted a new position with MDEQ.  Carolyn Rutland will be the new contact.  The Troy office will be closing in the end of August.

d) Ambient Air literature search has been done looking at ambient air asbestos concentrations from other urban and rural areas around the country. The take away message is that asbestos is everywhere and Libby is not the highest concentration in ambient air at this time.  There are a lot of differences in types of asbestos, measurement techniques, etc.  Rebecca will email a copy of this report to the LATAG.

e) Comparative exposure data summary report.  Samples have been collected from Helena, Eureka, and Whitefish.   Levels in the air and soil are very similar to what is found in Libby today in the air.  There was none found in bark, duff or with ABS sampling.  Liz will email a copy of this report to the LATAG.

f) The new toxicity values for Libby Amphibole are expected to be finalized in June 2014.

g) here was a fire in the OU3 area and 19 ambient air samples were collected.  Preliminary results suggest 17 non-detects and 2 hits at very low levels.  Christina will send a copy of this report when the numbers are finalized.

4) Meeting minutes were reviewed and unanimously approved from July, 2013

5) Treasurer’s Report

a) The most recent reimbursement was for $1,122.00

b) $38,522.36 is the balance on the grant

6) Sub-Committee Reports

a) Communications Committee- Zach

i. GA job posted and ad submitted to all three newspapers.  No applications have been received to date.

b)Nomination Committee- LeRoy.  No report.  

c) O&M Attendance Rotation Committee- Donna.  An outline of the process to transition to O&M was discussed.  Donna will attend the next O&M meeting tomorrow and she will ask to have LATAG included on the emails for O&M meeting minutes.  

d) Technical Advisor Committee- Brad.  No report.

7) Special Reports

a) TA reports.  Tony reviewed the TA’s memorandum outlining brief reviews of the OU1 final remedial action report, OU5 RI report, OU7 RI report addendum, OU8 Remedial action report, Community engagement plan addendum and EPA evaluation of impact of forest fires that occur in OU3.  They recommended further reports of the last three documents listed.  LATAG will send all five documents to EPA and request further review of the three documents as recommended by the TAs.  Tracy will send an email to the TAs.

b) ARP Report- Nick Rains

i. ARP grant has been approved from April 2013 to April 2014 with a budget of $446,910.  The program is paired down from the original proposal.  The focus is primarily on activities that present the highest risks to LA and other components will be reevaluated on an annual basis with the most updated data.  Staffing for three full time staff will be funded until the end of 2016 in addition to other county support.  

ii. An initiative coordinator will focus on taking over ERS activities and ambient air sampling Amanda Harcourt.

iii. The second position of education and outreach coordinator was filled by Jennifer McCully.

8) Old Business

a) Newsletter article received from Steve

9) New Business

a) It was unanimously approved that both TA contracts be renewed.  Tracy will follow-up with the TAs.

b) All TA documents were reviewed and approved by the board. These will be sent to the website and EPA.

c) It was unanimously approved that LATAG work with CAG to put together an October forum.  LATAG board members will follow-up with CAG members as they see them.

10) Open Discussion

a) Tracy will follow-up with Karen about creating a newsletter.

11) Review and agreement on action items

12) Schedule e-board meeting if one is needed

13) In-kind hours were submitted.

14) Next LATAG regular board meeting will be September 10, 2013.

15) The meeting was adjourned at 8:12PM.


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