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September 10th, 2013

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Regular Board Meeting

Libby Area Technical Assistance Group, Inc.

PO Box 53 • Libby, MT 59923

September 10th, 2013 • Regular Board Meeting Minutes


1) The meeting was called to order at 6PM

2) Meeting minutes were reviewed and unanimously approved from August, 2013  

3) Treasurer’s Report

  a) Current grant balance is $37,715 with the last reimbursement totaling $1,929

4) Sub-Committee Reports

  a) Communications Committee- Zach

    i. GA job update- three applications have been received to date.

  b) Nomination Committee- LeRoy – no new board member applications have been received

  c) O&M Attendance Rotation Committee- Donna- No report

  d) Technical Advisor Committee- Brad- No report

5) Special Reports-

  a) TA Report by Steve and Tony

    1. Proactive Engagement on the EPA’s Feasibility Study was discussed

      a. Where EPA is in their 6 step process and where TAG can best participate-

        1.Site characteristics
        2. Remedial action objectives
        3. Technology screening
        4.Alternative screening
        5.Detailed analysis   
        6.Comparative analysis

      b.TAG could provide input on Step 2 of 6:  defining Removal Action Objectives comprehensive analysis

      c.Possible TAG review of EPA’s draft deliverable for Step 3: Technology Screening

      d.The board discussed and approved that both TA’s should review and keep abreast with the steps in this process on an ongoing basis.  The TAs will provide monthly reports of their time allocation along with invoices as well as cursory reviews of documents in word format which will include recommendations for the LATAG board.  TAs are not to exceed 3 hours monthly without prior board authorization and will not make decisions or formal requests with/of EPA without board authorization.    

   2. TAG-CAG Forum planning
      a. No one on the board has heard from the CAG regarding the forum tentatively planned for October.  LeRoy will contact Mike G. and Ginny T. to discuss whether the forum can still be planned for the week of October 7th. The board discussed the possibility of postponing the forum to November.

   3. Expected timeline for EPA report releases
      a. OU1, Former Export Plant Site, status of post construction risk assessment (due Nov- Jan)
      b. Site-wide (OUs 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) ecological risk assessment (due this winter)
      c. Site-wide Human health risk assessment (due next spring)
      d. OU7, Residential Area
                i. Background soil study – data collected (report under development)
                ii. Ambient air data report (data currently available)
               iii. Additional review of historic ABS data in preparation for risk assessment (data currently available)
      e. OU8, Highways
               i.Further consideration of visible vs. soil test data discrepancy (data currently         
      f.Possible TA review of Forest Fire Report (data currently available)
      g.Possible review of Forest Fire Sampling of recent fire (data may currently be available)
      h.Tony proposed to review 3 items, and Steve proposed to review 2 items. The board unanimously agreed to approve their proposals. Tony will review the following:1) Final Remedial Action Report Operable Unit 8, Local and State Highways in Libby and Troy, June 2013 2) EPA Evaluation of Impacts of Forest Fires That Occur in Operable Unit 3 on Air and Soil in Libby **need larger report if available** 3) Souse Gulch fire report    **need larger report if available**
Steve will review the following: 1. Various reports on ABS investigations provided on EPA’s web site (about a half dozen) 2. Summary of Published Measurements of Asbestos in Ambient Air

   4. Discussion of EPA’s Community Engagement Plan & improving public participation.
      a. Having informational messages in local newspapers regularly was discussed. Nick will follow- up with this as an ARP function and work with TAG to partner on the project.

b) ARP Report- Nick Rains
      i. Initiative coordinator (field tech) and outreach and education coordinators have been hired.  The budget has been finalized and now ARP is planning how to implement final program for the first two years.  This includes transitioning ambient air monitoring in Libby and Troy and Environmental Resource Specialist (ERS) programs from EPA to ARP.  

6) Old Business
     a) GA applicants were discussed.  The board decided to offer interviews to all three applicants.  The whole board if willing and able to attend will be invited.  Next Tuesday evening beginning at 5:30, 6:00 and 6:30.  Zach will call the applicants to schedule the interviews and Tracy will provide the interview questions.  
     b) Karen will chair the committee to have a booth at the research rally, October 10th.
     c) TA reports need to be sent to EPA by Tracy.  

7) New Business
     a) Annual Report needs to be filed.
     b) TA contracts have both been renewed.
     c) Tony and Nick let the board know that they will not be available for next month’s meeting.   
     d) EPA’s boundaries of the NPL site have become very rigid, and no clean-up work will be done outside of this area.  This topic could be considered as a topic for TAG or CAG to address in the future.     

8) Open Discussion- none.

9) Review and agreement on action items listed in red above.

10) E-board meeting will be held if needed following the interviews. It was unanimously approved that the e-board make the hiring determination after GA interviews.

11) In kind hours were submitted.

12) Next LATAG regular board meeting will be October 8, 2013.


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