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October 8th, 2013

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Regular Board Meeting

Libby Area Technical Assistance Group, Inc.

PO Box 53 • Libby, MT 59923

October 8th, 2013 • Regular Board Meeting Minutes


1) Call To Order at 6:10PM

2) Special Reports
   a) TA reports
      i. Forum Planning
         1. Steve is available on December 4th.  Mike G. of CAG will discuss this date with Ginny Tribe.
         2. LeRoy will show up to the forum tomorrow in case anyone doesn’t know that it is cancelled.
     ii. OU8 report submitted
         1. Tony submitted a report detailing concerns about visible vermiculite with negative analysis.  Steve suggested that greater than 3 hours per month is likely needed on this.  
    iii. Air Quality Issues
         1. Steve feels that it is important to talk with Rebecca T. regarding need for more information that is useful to the community. Steve suggested that he feels 8-10 hours would be needed for him to work with EPA about this and the other issues below.
    iv. Risk Assessment
         1. Rebecca T. is open to talking with TAG about Human and Ecological RA beginning with a conceptual site model presentation/ discussion and a series of meetings to follow.
         2. Brad discussed his support of the use of personal air monitors to better understand personal cumulative exposure risk.
     v. Feasibility Study
         1. Steve discussed alternatives addressed by EPA for soils and building materials.  He will follow-up with Rebecca T. to clarify some questions.  
         2. Brad discussed how dust suppression is a very important part of breaking the exposure pathway long term.  He suggested that asphalt would be the best way to reduce risk of exposure especially in OU4.
    vi. Other EPA reports expected this winter
         1. OU1 Post construction risk assessment
         2. OU6 RI report
   vii. Improving outreach
         1. Steve and Brad discussed directing the conversation and agenda to enhance positive community involvement and address community concerns in simple straight forward terms.
         2. Local news articles were discussed again.  Nick R. with the ARP was looking in to this opportunity.  
         3. Creative alternatives to citizen participation were discussed.
         4. Brad discussed how agency dynamics influence what happens in the process.
  b) ARP Report- No report

3) The meeting minutes from September, 2013 with amendments to include specific documents that will be reviewed were unanimously approved.

4) Treasurer’s Report
   a)No Report
   b) Mike N. suggested that an interim treasurer would be a good idea. The board unanimously approved Donna Martin as the interim treasurer.
   c) Mike, LeRoy and Donna will go to the band to add Donna to the LATAG bank account.  LeRoy will discuss with JoElyn.

5) Sub-Committee Reports
   a) Communications Committee- Zach- No Report
   b) Nomination Committee- LeRoy – No new board member applications have been received
   c) O&M Attendance Rotation Committee- Donna- There was no O&M meeting last month and there will not be one this month.
   d) Technical Advisor Committee- Brad
DNRC planning grant is being pursued by the city-county health board.  Brad suggested that the LATAG urge Tony’s involvement in this because of his expertise in the area.  Brad will discuss this with Nick R. who would implement the grant.

6) Old Business
   a) LATAG Rally Table- Karen will create an activity and recruitment packets to hand out, and Donna will sit at the LATAG table.
   b) GA applications- Two additional applications have been received. The board would like to interview all applicants next week if possible.  Zach will be asked to set up the interviews and any board members that are available will be part of the interview.

7) New Business
   a) The board requested that Steve submit an email proposal detailing what his request for additional hours entails.  He will submit his proposal via email for the board to vote on.

8) Open Discussion- None

9) Action items were reviewed and agreed upon.

10) No E-board meeting was scheduled.

11) In kind hours were submitted.

12) The meeting was adjourned  at 8pm.

13) Next LATAG regular board meeting will be November 12, 2013.


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