July 8th, 2014

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Regular Board Meeting

Libby Area Technical Assistance Group, Inc.

PO Box 53 • Libby, MT 59923

July 8th, 2014 • Regular Board Meeting Minutes

Board Member Attendees:

  • Mike Noble
  • LeRoy Thom
  • Donna Martin

Contractor Attendees:

  • Steve Ackerland
  • Tony Ward (by phone)
  • Susan Monahan (grant administrator)

Guest Attendees:

  • Nick Raines
  • Jennifer McCully

1.Meeting began at approximately 6:00pm


3.Steve talked about six month plan no decisions

4.Review of EPA response to TAG comments. Those present agreed with Steve’s assessment that the EPA response was underwhelming but felt counterproductive to harp on lack of response time to bring up again later.

    a.2014 Cleanup Plan- those present agreed clean up is proceeding for this year. Nick feels the EPA has responded and changed their message and plan. Keep in mind clean up now more clear.

    b. Wildfire Reports- general conclusion is forest fire not a concern, data is inadequate to support. Discussion regarding need to monitor air and discuss response up to and including potential evacuation.

    c. Wood Harvesting – need for more data regarding risk of bringing contaminate into home on wood bark, disposal of ash from wood burning. Consensus is that asbestos stays within wood burning unit. Nick was going to send members copy of report from 2013. Attached.

    d. Background Study- Steve discussed need to be vigilant regarding background info. Rebekah with EPA has said not part of their message right now.

    e. Institutional Control Plan – Per Steve IC plan conceptually good.

5. Greg Bruins article/Community Risk Communication needs – HCI memo. Discussion around need to work with group, find way to provide input. Everyone agreed message needs to go out but timing important. Susan on contact Gary Huntsberger and Dave Harmon regarding telcon with Steve not looking to control message but provide technical input, collaborate. See if interest in someone from their group participating in citizens jury.

6. Six month plan

    a. Aug & Sept – Discuss ICs with EPA focus on fire fighting and wood burning. Tony suggested going back to the forest service.

    b.Oct – Toxicity values & Proposed Plan

    c.Nov – Citizen Jury preparations need eight to 14 people

    d.Dec – no meeting

    e.Jan – Citizen Jury kick-off. This will likely be pushed back.

Meeting adjourned about 8 p.m.


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