July 16, 2015

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Regular Board Meeting

Libby Area Technical Assistance Group, Inc.      

P O Box 53; Libby, MT 5993

Regular Board Meeting Agenda: July 16, 2015

In attendance: Mike Noble, Karen Horton, Tracy McNew, Donna Martin, Rebecca Thomas, Lisa Dewitt, Vince Backen, Matthew Backen, Tommy Cook, Lee Mcnight, Nick Raines, Mark Peck, Brad Black, Mike Giesey, Deb McKean, Steve Ackerlund, Mike Cirian, Tom Stoop, Christina Progess, Jake Merts , Michelle Hartley, Jennifer McCully, Mel Parker

  1. 1)The meeting was called to order at 6:00PM
  2. 2)TA Report- Steve Ackerlund
    1. a)Steve discussed his review of the Risk Assessment. His main points are summarized as follows:
      1. i.More soil cleanup should be considered
        1. 1.A lot of exposure in a short period of time is possible in soil that wasn’t fully cleaned. Whole yards should be cleaned rather than parts.
    2. ii.More assessment/ control of firewood burning should be considered
      1. 1.OU3 has high concentration of LA in the trees. There is very limited information of handling the ash from fireplaces in homes. The risk assessment takes into consideration the act of handling ash but not necessarily the risk of recontamination.
      2. 2.Deb stated that EPA is doing more assessment of this pathway of concern and that to date they have not seen any additional fibers in homes that use wood heat.
    3. iii.More indoor air monitoring is needed
      1. 1.Steve bases this recommendation on the fact that EPA used an average level of exposure and those at the high end of the spectrum could be at risk
      2. 2.Deb McKean rebutted that the upper bound for just this one exposure type diminishes the impact on the overall person’s exposure and therefore keeps the overall average exposure below the 90 fibers/cubic meter that is the reference concentration for adverse health effects.
      3. 3.Deb also pointed out that replacement soils used by EPA from the area during clean-up do contain Libby Amphibole fibers and some are rejected for replacement soils. They are over non-detect by PLM.
      4. 4.Deb stated that the purpose of Institutional Controls is to protect the remedy
    4. iv.Improved assessment of Institutional Controls
      1. 1.Cost trade-offs with more cleanup
        1. a.A permitting system for movement of soils around. Property status database and public nuisance ordinance are also ICs that could be simplified with more thorough clean-up. Measurable objectives and recourse for ROD reassessment
    5. v.Improved clinical care and more research
      1. 1.The RfC is based on pleural plaques as the adverse health effect endpoint. We are now finding that autoimmune disease are also an important endpoint to evaluate. In addition, diffuse pleural thickening is an endpoint that was not considered and have been noted to cause morbidity. A biomarker for exposure should also be developed for early awareness of disease. We don’t want to wait 40 years to find out if the remedy was really sufficient and disease has been prevented.
      2. 2.Deb stated that the estimate made in developing the risk assessment factors in unknowns and they moved the number down a factor of 300 to be sure of it. In general EPA supports ongoing research but state that Superfund is not necessarily the mechanism.
    6. vi.Stop referring to NATURAL background
    7. 3)The public comment period has been extended through Friday, August 7th.
    8. 4)A work group has been established to work on the issue of institutional controls.
    9. 5)ARP Update- Nick Raines
    10. 6)Outstanding meeting minutes were not reviewed for approval as they were not available.
    11. 7)Treasurer’s Report
    12. 8)Sub Committee Reports
    13. 9) Old Business
    14. 10)Open Discussion
    15. 11)Action items from the meeting were reviewed and agreed upon as follows
    16. 12)No in kind hours were submitted at this meeting as forms were not available
    17. 13)The next LATAG meeting will be tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, August 4th.
    18. 14)The meeting was adjourned at 8:40pm.