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June 12th, 2007

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Regular Board Meeting

Libby Area Technical Assistance Group, Inc.

PO Box 53 • Libby, MT 59923

June 12th, 2007 • Regular Board Meeting Minutes

Board Member Attendees:
  • Mike Noble
  • LeRoy Thom
  • Helen Andries
  • Brad Black
  • JoElyn Brus
  • Abe Troyer
Guest Attendees:
  • Mike Cirian
  • Paul Peronard
  • Ted Linnert
  • Steve Losier
  • Tommy Cook
  • Paul Lammers
  • Bob Marriam
  • Catherine LeCours
  • D.C.Orr
  • Clinton Maynard
  1. Meeting began at approximately 7:00 p.m.
  1. Introductions:
  1. Meeting minutes reviewed:
    1. May 3, 2007 Special Board Meeting minutes reviewed and approved.
    2. May 8, 2007 Regular Board Meeting minutes reviewed and approved.
  2. Treasure’s Report:

The total grant monies: $150,000.00
Expenditures: ($14, 453.37)
Technical Advisor Fees: ($84,026.16)   
Balance: $51, 520.47

 Linda Armor shows a balance of $26,800. This discrepancy will be adjusted after verifying all the information.     

  1. Old Business:

A thank you letter from Karmonas was shared.

  1. EPA Report:

Mike Cirian reports that 840 homes are finished. There has been as much soil removed so far this year as was removed all of last year.


The report of the 23rd round of the ambient air study has been emailed, with hard copies available at the EPA Center.


The Expansion is keyed to go in the week of July 2nd, with stations around the railroad tracks and up Highway 37.

To date 88 properties have been chosen and prescreened for the activity-based sampling that is scheduled to begin July 9th. Outdoor sampling will include children playing, gardening, and lawn mowing, while indoor sampling will include inactive and active conditions. The inactive portion will be sitting, while the active portion will include vacuuming, sweeping dusting, and rising up and down from the sofa.


While digging, a contractor hired by the phone company, came across some subsurface material under the bridge near the export plant. As they were digging they hit some orange fence, which served as a warning for them to stop digging. The EPA sent a letter to the City of Libby asking to call the EPA before beginning any intrusive work at the export plant.


Next month ERS should have a 6-month report ready regarding the number of calls received, and a breakout of the time and materials.


Restoration is going better. CDM CIC’s are very active resolving issues with homeowners. One example of an unsatisfied homeowner was explained. The EPA was denied access to the home. After the home burned, the homeowner wanted a new house. The rule is to leave the property no better or no worse than before. The remains of the house have been tarped to avoid any airborne contamination.


Demolitions are set to begin in August. Structures selected for demolition are those that would be structurally unsound when the contaminated material was removed.


The final version of the fact sheets was presented to LATAG.


The average cost of cleanup has been $32,00 to $33,000 per property. That cost has increased to $53, 000 to $10,000 per property due to the removal of more material and the larger acreage involved. An average of 9.8 samples are taken per property. Labor is the biggest component driving up the cleanup and design costs. They are looking for ways to reduce these costs.


Wendy, Aubrey and MaryJo in RTP are doing a second round of toxicity in animal studies. Aubrey will then meet with ATSAR to try to coordinate with other agencies.


Vermiculite in the riprap placed along creek banks is being assessed, with Flower Creek a priority.


D.C. Orr questioned caps & controls at the export Plant. Paul Peronard wants the land to be usable. Discussion followed regarding institutional controls.


The Parker property has had a 4-foot scrape with some areas deeper, for basement and sewer system installation. This is not a maintained cap, but a backfill. There is contaminated material under the 4-foot backfill but the top layer is usable.


DEQ Report – Catherine LeCours   Troy Asbestos Property Evaluation


In March 1172 access agreements were sent out, 362 have been returned. They have visited 88 properties since May 1, 2007. 467 use areas have been identified, 484 soil samples and 312 dust samples have been collected. To date 21 parcels have been located with visible material, 8 interior, 8 exterior, and 5 with both.

They have averaged 4 to6 properties per day   on assessments and may need to bring in another team.

EPA needs a better sense of how many properties will need to be cleaned.

Will railroad tracks and Bull Lake area be new OV’s?

Public response has been positive.


There are 1400 properties still slated for clean up in Libby, with approximately 700 pending.


   WR Grace Report – Bob Marriam

They would like to do tests at mine but EPA is reluctant to allow access until a process of remediation is outlined.

  1. Technical Advisor Report - Dr. Gerry Henningsen – NO Report
  1. Sub-Committee Reports
    1. Communications Committee – Helen Andries – NO Report
    2. ERS Committee – Mike Noble

Catherine will be covering calls in Troy for now.

    1. Nominations Committee – Helen Andries

Eileen Carney nominated, seconded and voted in as new secretary.

Nancy Hogan nominated, seconded and voted in as new board member.

    1. O&M Committee – Mike Noble & LeRoy Thom

At the last meeting on May 13, 2007, Mike gave presentation of Japanese visit. Nest meeting is scheduled for June 13, 2007.

    1. Technical Advisory Committee – Brad Black

Brad gave a report on the Denver Meeting. There is a question on applicability to Libby on the NHEERL studies. LATAG suggested they be able to name some people, not affiliated with the EPA, to look at this study. The EPA did invite outside people also.

  1. New Business

   A motion was made, and seconded to hire Tiffany Bower as a grant administrator. Motion carried.

  1. The next meeting is scheduled for July 10, 2007.

11.   Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted